Congratulations on making the smart decision to get your carpets cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner! This will certainly improve your carpets’ look, smell, feel and longevity.

Once your carpet cleaner arrives at your home, they’ll be doing all of the work. But you can do some simple things before they get there to ensure the most efficient and effective cleaning for your carpets.


Clear Your Carpeted Areas

The first thing to do is to clear the carpeted area as much as possible. Things like toys, plants, tables and chairs all cover the areas of the carpet that need cleaning. The more of your carpet that is clear, the more your technician will be able to clean. Many carpet cleaners do not require that you vacuum first but it is also a good idea to remove the top layer of dirt and hair so they can do the deep cleaning.


In addition to clearing as much as you can from a furniture standpoint, you should also remove any extremely fragile items or knick-knacks from the carpeted area. At Amazing Results Carpet Cleaning, we take great care throughout your home. But, if you have a place to store fragile pieces during the cleaning, it’s a smart precaution to take.


Inspect Your Carpets

Once you’ve cleared the carpeted areas, you should do your own inspection of your carpet. Your carpet cleaner will inspect your carpet when they arrive at your home; however, it’s extremely useful for you to do your own inspection first.


Take a walk around, and look closely. Pay special attention to the areas that were hidden by furniture. Note the locations of the spots and stains. Even better, if you can remember what caused the stain, make a note of that as well. Also, take note of the high-traffic areas on your carpet and the traffic pattern in your home.

Your pre-inspection increases the efficiency of your carpet cleaning because you can quickly familiarize your carpet cleaner with the unique challenges of your carpet.


Make Room in Your Driveway

It’s very helpful if your carpet cleaner can park our van in your driveway. The hot water extraction machine is mounted in their truck, and by parking in your driveway, the truck and all of the equipment is as close as possible to your home.


Prepare Your Family

When your carpet cleaner is done, your carpets will still be a little bit damp. While the technician is in your home, they will have worked hard to extract most of the water from your carpets; however, your carpets will still need a little bit of time to air dry completely. Your technician will let you know how much additional time you will have to wait. They’ll also let you know what you can do on your own to increase airflow around your carpets and encourage fast drying.

Professional carpet cleaners are ready to work hard for you. To get the best cleaning results and prevent accidents, follow the simple steps above for a positive experience. The more time each carpet-cleaning professional has to focus on getting your carpets clean without distractions, the better job they will do.



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