How often have you heard…You Get What You Pay For…


Probably the question that we get asked the most is, “How much do you guys charge for carpet cleaning?” I wish I could give a flat simple answer because I know that would be the most helpful to you. Unfortunately, I can’t because so many variables factor into the pricing of professional carpet cleaning. Because every home is a different size and may contain one of several types of carpets, there is no “one-size-fits-all” category for carpet cleaning prices.


The old adage “you get what you pay for” has never been more true (and false) with respect to carpet cleaning and carpet cleaning prices in Oakville and Burlington.


The purpose of this post is not to confuse your decision-making but to offer suggestions to help you ask the right questions of your carpet cleaner and give you parameters for carpet cleaning pricing.


Common Types of Carpet Cleaning Pricing

When you hire a professional carpet cleaning service or solicit quotes from them, you’ll notice they usually charge based on one of two ways:


1. Per Room Rate

One pricing structure uses a per-room rate, which means they’ll clean a carpet — regardless of the square footage — and charge you a flat rate for every room in your home with carpet. They might impose a size cap, meaning they treat it as two rooms if the room exceeds certain square footage. I caution you on this type of pricing structure. You may be thinking, “Then why do I see carpet cleaners advertise a flat room price?” Good question.

I will let my clients answer that for you. Many people, now our loyal clients, shared their testimonials when they hired these companies. In most cases, they relate a story about the low per-room price just being a scam to get into their home, and then the person that comes out uses high-pressure sales pitches to get them to spend more than what they were expecting.


2. Square Footage Rate

Most reputable carpet cleaning services charge you on a square footage basis.


3. Minimum Charge

If you have ever tried to get carpet cleaning done in just one room, you have probably run into a minimum charge. The downside to needing only one room of carpet cleaned is that it will cost you more to clean it on average. Travel time, set-up and take-down time are all reasons for this.


With Amazing Results Carpet Cleaning, you get a tried and true carpet cleaning system. Our technicians have access to technical support, quality chemicals and high-pressured truck-mounted equipment.


Did you know?

By regular vacuuming and scheduling carpet cleaning once per year, you save money by extending carpet life, having a healthier home by extracting allergens and limiting the number of carpet cleaning problems you can expect.


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